The island of Vis is situated in the heart of the Adriatic Sea, surrounded by crystal clear waters rich in fish, and with its mild Mediterranean climate, abundant top quality wines and olive oil.

Distance from the mainland island of Vis that of Split as a major departure harboor is about 42km. The Jadrolinija with their boats, catamarans and ferries regularly runs twice a day for Vis, in the high season and three times.

At the site of the town of Vis in the fourth. century before Christ was raised polis (city-state), "Issa". It was the first urban settlement on the Adriatic.

Today in Vis has about 1500 people who have historically lived mainly from agriculture, fishing and service industries, and today more than tourism.

Although far from the mainland, the island of Vis disposal thirst with a complete infrastructure of modern living environments. Island with electricity supplied from the mainland by two 35 KV submarine cable. Mains power for end users is 220/380 V.

Drinking water is supplied from the island of 5 wells located in the middle of the island where the water is pumped with about 100 m depth.

Because of the distance from the mainland and the militarization of many years, hidden from the public and closed to foreign tourism, the island of Vis has preserved most of its true value: the exotic nature and natural beauty, historical and archaeological wealth, culture, customs, and original gastronomy.

A multitude of top quality and well-known restaurants and country houses where food is prepared according to authentic ancient recipes of local lamb or goat, and knocked down fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans, and the use of local, ecologically clean vegetables, island Vis many rightly called gourmet paradise.



Vis many specialties of meats and fish prepared according to traditional recipes under the lid, using natural spices and olive oil. Most commonly found under the lid of the angler fish or octopus, and lamb meat, goat or veal.

With delicious dishes are a must and wines. The most popular authentic white wine is certainly famous Vugava surplus, but no other table wines do not stopping much.

We hope that you will be satisfied with our offer and we want to take advantage of the benefits of this beautiful island and spend a nice holiday!

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